About Us


Our Mission

To be a leading science centre that provides a sustainable platfom for STEMI edutainment through interactive and hands-on activities

Our Vision

Grow to be a worldclass facility that places focus on creating a scientific and technologically literate society through the use of superior services and interactive educational programmes.

Our Team

Singathwa Kuli

Research, Innovation & Sustainability Manager

Pumza Tshebe

Practitioner: Outreach & Community

Zoleka Magingxa

Marketing coordinator

Ntombozuko Ncula

General Assistant

Zingisa Gono

Education and programmes Coordinator

Nonkululeko Hobongwana

General Assistant

Zukiswa Mabope-Jacobs


Philosophy & Mission

Success through continued involvement providing quality and relevant programmes and exhibitions


  • Create an attractive science and technology centre with exhibits that are exciting to learners and the public.
  • Create a top class education facillity that professional high ranked educational institutions are willing to use for their programmes.
  • Position the centre towards the general public as the place that they want to go to for STEMI edutainment. Develop the curriculum that goes along with that.
  • Market the centre effectively towards all stakeholders.
  • Build a strong formal structure for stakeholder management.

What We Offer


Grade: 4-12

The science centre has a fully equipped laboratory that is used for delivering curriculum based practicals, in the areas of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Chemistry. The experiments performed are all CAPS prescribed, aimed at providing supplementary support to learners.



Provides learners a variety of topics with interactive demonstrations at the Centre utilising resources such as the laboratories.


Focusses on supporting previously disadvantages schools with learners who have limited or no access to resources


Educate learners while entertaining them. The learners get to explore science, technology and mathematics.

School Tours

The school group tours are part of the inhouse programmes and the cater for all grades. These tours expose learners to the “why” and “how” of science through a variety of activities, such as science shows, workshops and interactive exhibits.


We have an exhibition space of about 3400m2, which is divided into 8 zones with various interactive exhibits. 

What Our Attendees are Saying

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