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The NMBSTC seeks to connect you with various career opportunities and career guidance.

Take part in our career programme.


Take a Learner to Work/Industrial Visits

This programme provides an opportunity for you to experience a day in the life an expert that you have aspired to be. Sign up and see whether the career choice you had in mind is really what you are most passionate about.  

Open Week

This programme provides an opportunity for you to utilize the NMBSTC computer lab to apply for admission to universities, apply for financial aid online, or an internship opportunity. The highly capable staff at the NMBSTC are more than willing to assist you.

Science institutions/organizations in South Africa which offer STEMI opportunities

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)
Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)
Technology Innovation Agency
South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI)
Eskom Expo for Young Scientists
South African National Space Agency (SANSA)


Annual Career Summit 17-19 March

OBJECTIVES OF THE CAREER SUMMIT Expose learners to the different career paths and career opportunities within their respective areas. To provide a platform for knowledge sharing where learners interact with industry, learning institutes and other relevant...

Launch of VR Stations and Touch Screens 17 March 2021

The NMB STC team are busy coordinating a project that will make available a number of state of the art VR workstations in main exhibition area. The VR stations will be launched on the 17th of March during the annual Career Summit, scheduled to take place from 17-19...